LTE Femtocell 设备测试方案

Host Testing of LTE Femtocell eNodeB Devices at the 3GPP RRC/S1AP Including TR69 Support


l  660 test cases according to ETSI 3GPP LTE standard specifications

l  Dynamic generation of test cases for O&M with smart discovery of supported parameters

l  Adjustable test parameters for

– Timers duration

– Number of components

– Product variants

– Ports

– IP addresses for remote testing

l  Simulation of events such as Radio Link Failure, Inactivity Detections, new CRNTI assignments

l  System Under Test fully driven by the test engine with automatic logs storage

l  Ability to test remote or colocated System Under Test

l  Modify existing test cases or add new test cases (optional)

l  Porting on different data models as described in the Broadband Forum Technical Recommendation  (optional, TRXXX in the graphic below)


l  Extensive logging of data and signals throughout the whole testing cycle

l  Verification and validation thanks to TTCN-3 matching mechanism

l  Easy post processing and analysis with TTworkbench

l  Protocol conformance testing of eNB applications


l  Approved test automation platform based on standardised TTCN-3 language

l  Accurate compliance to the ETSI 3GPP standard

l  Fast and simple test execution

l  Large test library of negative scenarios, timeouts, rejects and failures

l  Ability to control multiple components in order to guarantee full repeatability of test results

l  Ability to fully test the CPE by configuring each parameter with any in range value

l  Vendor specific behaviour of core network components (optional)

 – User equipment and Auto Config Server can easily be reproduced

l  Extensible Tr069 generator can be customised to support (optional)

– Broadband Gateway Devices

– IPTV Set Top Boxes

– VoIP Phones


l  ETSI 3GPP TS 36.331 v.11.5.0 (2013-09):  Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Radio Resource Control (RRC) Protocol specification

l  ETSI 3GPP TS 36.413 v.11.5.0 (2013-09):  Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access S1 Application Protocol (S1AP) Protocol specification

l  Broadband Forum Technical Report

– TR-069 Amendment 3 Issue 1, November 2010     

– TR-196 Femto Access Point Service Data Model Amendment 1 Issue 1, May 2011



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