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H.225 ttcn-3自动化测试集

TTCN-3 H.225测试例集测试基于H.323标准的多媒体通讯网络的呼叫信令和RAS信令操作。该测试集包含438全Featured的基于ttcn-3的测试例。可实现基于ttworkbench的自动化测试。

The Test Suite for Testing Call Signaling and RAS Signaling of H.323 Based Multimedia Communication Networks

TTsuite-H225 provides an executable test suite, based on the abstract test suite standardized by ETSI for testing H.225.0 call signaling and RAS signaling protocol entities of H.323 based multimedia communication networks.


  • 438 full-featured tests for
    • Gatekeeper Discovery Request (GDR)
    • Registration (REG)
    • Administration (ADM)
    • Location (LOC)
    • Bandwidth (BND)
    • Unregistration (URG)
    • Disengage (DIS)
    • Status (STA)
    • Registration in Progress (RIP)
  • Suitable for H.225.0 entities Terminal Endpoint (TE), Gatekeeper (GK) and Destination Gatekeeper (DGK)
  • Fully automated test execution
  • Platform-independent test execution
  • Test tracing on different levels of detail
  • Test definition and documentation in the standardized test notation TTCN-3


  • Standards-based testing according to H.225.0 specifications
  • Fast and simple test execution and analysis
  • Repeatability of tests and full support of test automation
  • Platform independence and rapid integration in existing test environments
  • Flexibility through usage of the constantly evolving standardized test notation TTCN-3


  • ETSI TS 101 883: "Telecommunications and Internet protocol Harmonization Over Networks (TIPHON) Release 3; Technology Mapping; Implementation of TIPHON architecture using H.323"
  • ITU-T Recommendation H.323 (2000): "Framework and wire-protocol for muliplexed call signalling transport"
  • ITU-T Recommendation H.225.0 (2000): "Call signalling protocols and media stream packetization for packet-based multimedia communication systems"
  • ETSI TS 101 804-3: "Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonizaton Over Networks (TIPHON) Release 3; Technology Compliance Specifications; Part 3: H.225.0 Conformance Test Specifications; Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and PIXIT proforma for Terminal, Gatekeeper and Gateway"
  • ETSI TS 101 804-1 (V1.1.1): "Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonizaton Over Networks (TIPHON) Release 3; Release PICS; Revision/Update of H.225.0 PICS for Terminal, Gatekeeper and Gateway"
  • ITU-T Recommendation Q.931:"ISDN user-networks interface layer 3 specification for basic call control"
  • ETSI ES 201 873-1: "Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS); The Testing and Test Control Notation version 3; Part 1: TTCN-3 Core Language"

Reference Platforms

  • Java 6
  • Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) / Vista / XP / 2000
  • Linux Red Hat - v7.1 (x86/GTK)
  • Linux SuSE - v9.1 (x86/GTK)












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