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SQL - 结构化查询语言


TTplugin SQL – Structured Query Language

SQL is a well spread computer language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS). Its scope covers data query, data and schema creation and modification, and also access control.

Combining SQL with Sun‘s state of the art Data Access API named JDBC, Testing Technologies provides a maximum of flexibility for your database connectivity. Currently, a couple of hundreds of JDBC drivers were made available by more than a dozen providers.

This SQL plugin enables TTworkbench users to instantly access data from database servers, and to include this access into their test scenarios. With Testing Technologies' plugin mechanism this feature can be used seamlessly within any TTCN-3 test application.


  • Automatic import of SQL statements directly into TTCN-3
  • Simple database access via JDBC (MySQL, Oracle, Derby, etc.)
  • Type safe database access
  • Named parameters for SQL statements
  • Procedural SQL (PL/SQL, SQL_PL, PSQL, etc.)
  • Authentication
  • Driver/Connection shutdown ability
  • Access different databases at the same time, from same components or different components
  • Multiple test components and multiple-port mapping
  • Freely combinable with additional test access (TTplugins)

TTPlugin-SQL Datasheet

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