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TTPlugin-Release Management

Release Management – 建立测试集安全传输链


TTplugin Release Management – Establishing Trust Chains for Test Suites

TTplugin Release Management ensures that a previously signed TTCN-3 based test suite will not be tampered with throughout the entire test execution process. To achieve this, the results of each step of the test specification and execution process are signed using standard public/private key cryptography methods. TTplugin Release Management allows the signing of TTCN-3 sources and binaries, and the verification of test reports and log files that have been generated by TTworkbench.This TTplugin fits perfectly into any certification process including self-certification schemes.

Target Users

  • Standard bodies, fora and boards
  • Test houses / test labs
  • Companies with certification or interoperability schemes


  • Signing of TTCN-3 sources and binaries including test adaptation plugins using standard public/private key cryptography methods
  • Signed PDF, HTML, Word, and Excel test reports with configurable layouts
  • Verification of TTCN-3 binaries, test logs and test reports with any TTworkbench (without TTplugin ReleaseManagement)
  • Support of different release states of test projects: VALIDATED, RELEASED, MODIFIED, UNKNOWN


  • Integrity of TTCN-3 sources, binaries, test logs and test reports are ensured, i.e. origin can be documented and any manipulation will be detected
  • Convenient key handling with built-in certificate manager
  • Support of certification processes including self-certification schemes
  • Fully integrated in TTworkbench


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