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TTplugin Protobuf – Full Data Integration for Protocol Buffers

Protocol Buffers are a serialization format with an interface description language developed by Google, widely used for storing and interchanging all kinds of structured information. They serve as a basis for a custom remote procedure call (RPC) system that is used for practically all inter-machine communication at Google.

Protocol Buffers are simpler, 3 to 10 times smaller, 20 to 100 times faster, less ambiguous than XML, and generate data access classes that are easier to use programmatically. While facilitating network communication, Protocol Buffers are a good alternative to data-centric C++ classes and structs, especially where interoperability with other languages or systems might be needed in the future. More Information at

TTplugin Protobuf provides a full data integration including codec generation for Protocol Buffers.


  • Direct import of Protobuf specifications
  • Automatic generation of TTCN-3 representation from Protobuf specification
  • Generic codec built in (binary format)
  • Protobuf dump view shows human readable presentation of sent and received Protobuf messages
  • Freely combinable with additional test access (TTplugins)
  • Compatible to Google Protocol Buffers 2.3.0

TTPlugin Protobuf Datasheet

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