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TTPlugin HP Quality Center

HP Quality Center– 惠普质检中心


TTplugin HP Quality Center – Execution of TTCN-3 Tests in HP Quality Center

TTplugin Quality Center assures a seamless integration of TTCN-3 test cases into the HP Quality Center.
HP Quality Center offers one single web based application for all essential aspects of the test management. It provides a consistent, repeatable process for setting up requirements, for planning and scheduling tests, for analysing results, and for managing test run results.

With this software you are able to automate quality processes and procedures within the longer application‘s life cycle. Furthermore, it supports communication and cooperation between IT teams.


  • HP Quality Center modules
    • Requirements management, release and cycle management
    • Test plan and test lab
    • Defects management and dashboard reporting
  • Creation of test campaigns / arrangement of tests
  • Automated execution of TTCN-3 test suites
  • Saving of test results directly in the Quality Center database
  • Easy integration of TTCN-3 tests into an existing Quality Center environment
  • Standards-based testing with TTCN-3
  • Free of charge for users of TTworkbench

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